"DIRT"y Little Secrets

A 2010 new year's resolution to become an "Ideal Homemaker" by organizing, cleaning, and completing my oh so many unfinished projects around the house!


The Rules

1. I have to work on cleaning, organizing, or finishing something every day of 2010 with the exception of Saturday (since that's the day we get ready for Sunday), Sunday (it's a commandment not to work on Sunday Dueteronomy 5:12-15), holidays, and vacations.
2. I am to use the book, "The Art of Homemaking" by Daryl V. Hoole for daily inspiration and direction.
3. I can enlist help from my family and friends when necessary.
4. I am allowed to do a project on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday IF it doesn't interfere with any family fun or break any commandments.
5. Anyone can play along!


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