Fun Cruise Ship: A Waterslide, Raw Sewage & Onion Sandwiches

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What happens when more than 4,000 people get trapped in a listing, floating toilet with no working stabilization system and sewage backing up in showers? Can you believe this story about Carnival Cruise Lines' disabled boat?

Someone has to say it: Holy shit.

I mean, seriously.

Carnival Cruise Triumph

(Image: © Action Press/

"Our room is leaking sewage."

Kim McKerreghan got a "please come get me" call from her daughter, who was on the cruise with her father.

According to Fox News:

"McKerreghan said her ex-husband told her raw sewage was seeping up through showers drains and passengers had only onion sandwiches to eat ... He said passengers were given plastic bags to 'use for their business.'"

(!) That is worse than camping.

With all the cruise ship horrors in the news over the past few years, I now look at these things as giant catastrophes with waterslides. How about you? Would you risk this:

Passengers on the dark, largely powerless ship have mostly pulled together, her daughter reports, despite cold food, murky brown drinking water and the constant stench of human waste.


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