Disappointment and Regrets - When Life Derails Your Plans

For the past two months, we've been looking forward to a weekend conference for LGBTQ media in Philadelphia. A train ride, a little sight seeing, great networking ... perfect. All the plans were laid and we had scholarships so the costs were very low.

Then, I got sick with a cold. This meant I had to go off one set of prescription medication to take OTC cold medication. It was a dicey decision - if I didn't take the cold meds, I risked my usual spiral into bronchitis and pneumonia which was clearly not good. I also knew I'd be miserable for the trip.

Unfortunately, my other symptoms flared up and I was caught in a very unpleasant health situation. Long story short, we had to cancel the trip.

Disappointment. Regret. Frustration. Anxiety. Depression. Guilt. And sick.

I mean, hey, it was just a trip. But it was a lot more. 


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