Discover the Power of Super Foods with City of Hope

City of Hope is a leader in the fight to conquer cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Recognized worldwide for our compassionate patient care, innovative treatments and leading-edge research, we turn laboratory breakthroughs into promising new therapies and prevention strategies.

Here, compassion drives innovation. Every discovery made, and each new treatment developed, gives people the chance to live longer, better and more fully. Four of the world’s most widely used cancer drugs, as well as Humulin for diabetes, were developed from research conducted at City of Hope and now save lives all over the world. 

For 100 years, we’ve made hope – and today, foods are a part of that hope. As our researchers pursue new and better ways to improve the lives of millions around the world, they’re uncovering important links between nutrition and the fight against cancer.  Their findings have shown that compounds in certain foods have the ability to block the hormones that help cancer grow and spread. 

Nutrition has always been a marker for health, and City of Hope will show you one way in which the fight against cancer extends to the kitchen. Learn more at

City of Hope and Superfoods

Over the last decade much attention has been given to the idea that some foods, aptly labeled “superfoods”, are especially good for us, whether it be because they are rich in nutrients or antioxidants, or because the have properties that actively help us prevent or fight disease....more

Can superfoods really fight cancer?

Sometimes, it takes a massive emotional jolt to really start taking care of yourself.  For my assistant, Cheri, it took a sudden, heart-wrenching stage 4 cancer diagnosis for her Dad. He wasn’t feeling well, went to the doctor….and then walked out of the door, shocked with a “death sentence” in hand....more

Superfood Salad + City of Hope

We all know we're supposed to eat a balanced diet. Most likely you can remember your mother telling you "you have to eat your vegetables" and "you are what you eat". Hopefully at some point in our lives those words of wisdom take hold....more

Roasted Mushroom Pepper Tacos

Superfood. Have you heard that term before? Superfoods are foods low in calories and high in nutrients, with a variety of health benefits when included in your daily diet. City of Hope has taken the superfood one step further. They are actively doing research on certain superfoods that are showing promise in fighting cancer. The ability to possibly stop the cancer before it begins is enormous, and to be able to do it just by choosing to eat easy to find fruits, vegetables and spices is amazing!...more

City of Hope Tour & Autumn Superfood Stew

I had a really cool experience recently as part of a special BlogHer tour to City of Hope in Duarte, CA. City of Hope is a biomedical research, treatment, and education institution located just outside of Los Angeles, and one of their specialties is developing groundbreaking treatments for diseases like cancer and diabetes (check out their blog here).Since I'm a recent cancer survivor myself (one year and one day to be exact!), I was really excited by the possibility of visiting the facility and learning more about what the scientists and medical team are doing. ...more

Cancer-Fighting Roasted Mushrooms and Thyme Recipe {City of Hope Superfoods}

Did you know that certain Superfoods might help fight cancer? This Cancer-Fighting Roasted Mushroom and Thyme recipe was inspired by a recent trip to City of Hope, a cancer research hospital.Recently, I had the amazing opportunity, along with an intimate group of women (including Lisa Stone, co-founder and CEO of BlogHer), to spend the day at City of Hope, a cancer research hospital and treatment center, located in Duarte, California. Each of us has been touched in some way by cancer, either directly or through someone we know....more