Discovering comfort in my own skin...


This body of mine

this body

which has been much, much smaller

and maybe a little bit bigger, 

and lots of in between.

This body,

which is stout and solid as a rock.

Everything about it is broad.

Broad shoulders, broad ass.

My cottage cheese thighs.

Strong, muscled calves.

These legs have carried me for miles.

I've run endlessly through the Iraqi desert.

Been forced marched through Carolina forests.

Knelt to pray, and play with my baby.

This body,

striped with stretch marks,

evidence of the child I bore.

My breasts are large, pendulous.

They nourished my baby.

I comfort my husband, laying his head on my chest.

This body.

My body.

I've finally realized.

It's mine to call my own.



~The Mad Housewife



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