Discovering The Megabox HD App

The new Megabox HD app allows Android users to access a library of HD quality movies and televisions shows from their phone or other Android device. Available via direct download, this app is constantly updated, with new programs and films added daily.

The interface is intuitive and easy for users to navigate. Watch your favorite shows and movies in 360p, 720p, and 1080p for a true HD level mobile viewing experience. The Megabox app is even compatible with ChromeCast, allowing users to watch the app’s content on their largest screens.

And guess what? Possibly the best part of the Megabox HD app is that you get this massive amount of content for free. Yes — it is one hundred percent free to access the entire Megabox HD library. 



You can stream the films and television shows available in the app, or choose to download them to your device to view them offline. You can search the app’s content by genre, rating, year, and more, making for easy access to accurate results, and you can also sort your favorite shows and films to a special folder to quickly access again and again.

The Megabox app is a newer Android app, and its biggest drawback currently is that it is unfortunately not available in the Google Play store. However, it is available to Android users via direct download, and it takes just a few steps to get it downloaded and properly installed on your phone.

Are you ready? Let’s do this. 

Installing the Megabox HD App on Your Android Smartphone

To install and begin using the app on your phone, you first must install the Megabox HD APK file. You can locate and download this file HERE. You can download this to your computer and then transfer the film to your phone, or download it straight from your mobile internet browser onto your phone. The latter saves you a step, obviously, so if you’re in a hurry that might be a better option for you.

Next, go to Settings on your phone. Scroll down to Security and select that. Next select Device Administration. From there select where it says Unknown Sources. 

Make sure that Unknown Sources is turned on, making content downloaded to your phone from unknown sources accessible. 

Once that is turned on, go to the directory where you have the Megabox app’s APK file. Select and open the APK file.

From there you will be prompted by on screen instructions. Follow these instructions to fully install the Megabox HD app. 

Once this is completed, you should find this app icon where you’d normally expect to find it along with your other apps installed in the traditional manner. You should be able to open it as usual.

How to Use the Megabox HD App

Now that your app is installed, it’s time to get streaming. So launch the app. Immediately you should be able to see that there is a wide variety of featured content. Tap any video to open and stream it.  

Once the video is open, you should see an information tab with it, along with a variety of qualities for the video. Tap which version you'd like and tap Play to stream, or Download to download it to view on your phone without internet access.  

Have fun exploring the Megabox HD app and its vast array of content!