Discovering My Love of Writing, Blogging and Winning BlogHer Swag Bags

I remember as early as second grade deciding that what I wanted to do was write. When asked by grown-ups what "I want to be when I grow up" I always said a writer or a journalist. This was my childhood dream. I never said dancer or singer or anything so impractical. I just wanted to write and be happy. Who knew that my second-grade self would understand what took my grown-up self so long to come to terms with.

Writing has always fed my soul. I love the gratification of creating something and then being able to read it and even hold it in my hand if I so choose. It is a concrete accomplishment. I am always proud of what I write because it comes from me. It is honest. It is my heart reflected on a screen or on a piece of paper. I only started to open my heart to others in March 2012 when I launched my blog

I have always written. When I worked in an office, I wrote speeches, presentations, white papers, articles, etc. But, once I started my home daycare, there wasn't much to write except a monthly report and occasional e-mails. I felt unfulfilled, but it wasn't until I started writing for myself that I understood why.

I have had many people ask why I started to blog. For me, it's not about the blog so much as it is the writing. I need this outlet. It has made me a better wife and mother. I am happier and I love the incredible support I receive from total strangers.

I never thought I would find a community by doing what I love, but I did. I have created an online community of fellow mothers, writers, bloggers, etc. These women lift me up, share my content, and keep me going so I do not feel like I am writing in a vacuum.

My goal is to attend BlogHer 2013. I have already decided to plan my entire summer vacation next year around it - wherever it may be held. This year, however, I feel like it is too last minute. I didn't start seriously thinking about attending until this week when one of my posts was spotlighted on BlogHer -

Now, I feel sad to miss it. Isn't that strange? This year, I will just have to follow along on the @BlogHerAtHome twitter feed and maybe even be lucky enough to win one of those cool swag bags;)


*Please note that this blog post was entered into a BlogHer 2012 conference contest to win a swag bag and/or other goodies.


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