A Discovery of More Vampires

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We meet Professor Diana Bishop and nothing seems out of the ordinary. She teaches at Yale, enjoys tea, and spends copious amounts of time in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Then, as she begins to study a particular manuscript, it begins to send out a sensation and light that only Diana can feel and see. She then decides to mention she is a witch, but has decided to not use her powers. After she studies this manuscript once, all of the otherworldly beings around her seem to notice, including a handsome male vampire, Matthew Clairmont.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is a smart, well-written fiction novel for adults. Each of the characters are carefully crafted and described. Even though this is only the first in the All Souls Trilogy of books, the reader becomes well acquainted with the characters because of all of the incredibly detailed descriptions.

Yes, this novel does involve a male vampire protecting a woman from otherworldly beings, but I do not feel that A Discovery of Witches should be compared to the Twilight series. Diana Bishop is a strong, well-grounded lady who has aspirations in life, no matter who is coming after her. There is no shimmering, brooding, or werewolf action in this novel. The imagery Deborah Harkness has dreamed up is refined and down-to-earth.

Considering the book included witches, vampires and demons, I appreciated that this fiction novel was somewhat believable. I also enjoyed the little historical details that Harkness tied the characters to. Diana is a direct descendant of the first witch who was killed in the Salem Witch Hunt. Matthew fought in the Revolutionary War. While the latter seems a little silly, these details were fun connections.

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