A Discovery of Witches: Ysabeau Was My Favorite

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There's nothing quite like being smacked in the face with a hardback book. Knowing that I'd fallen asleep yet again was not enough to deter me though. I had to read more, I had to know what happened next. 

I've read many books with witches and vampires as main characters since I was eleven years old. Only a handful are worth reading more than once. Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches is one of those few. 

Some of the traditional rules readers may expect are broken but not in a way that leaves you frustrated with the characters. The explanations she provides are plausible and make the characters much more realistic. I could see Diana and Matthew being real people and not just characters in a story. 

Each characters history is woven into the tale instead of reading like a history lesson thrown in a a random point. Diana and Matthew are believable in their sincerity to uncover the truth without being annoying. Ysabeau with her eccentrically austere personality is by far my favorite. 

The story progressed at a perfect pace for me. I never felt as if details were left out to allow the story to unfold quicker or that unnecessary details were added to fill up space. 

The ending took a turn I wasn't expecting but left me anxiously awaiting the next book in the All Souls Trilogy

Like J. K. Rowling, Deborah Harkness has created a tale that will stand the test of time, I'm sure of it. 

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