A Discovery of Witches Is a Great Summer Read

BlogHer Review

An American witch at Oxford and a French vampire who studies… well he has studied just about everything in his lifetime that spans centuries. In the book A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness takes Diana, the witch, and Matthew, the vampire on a journey that you would not have seen coming just in the first few chapters. If you liked the Harry Potter series you will love this grown up version with its prestigious English education feel.

I could have lived without the vampire craze of the past few years, but I quickly fell in love with Matthew de Clermont. Matthew possesses the charm you only wish men could have while being just possessive and controlling enough to make it sexy and not “call the cops on this man” crazy. His secrets span hundreds of years, so many that there is no way Harkness could have divulged them all in one book. We can only hope there is a sequel!

Diana, oh my goodness Diana, this woman is trying to live her life as someone she is not until a manuscript that has been hidden for years resurfaces and allows her to somehow break the spell and reveal its contents, but not to everyone. There are other creatures who want the information in this book and are will to kill to get it. That is where Matthew comes in to save the day, and doesn’t immediately tell Diana that he is protecting her… she just stays annoyed with this vampire following her around.

This book is the perfect blend of romance novel, whimsical, and action. While the book is set in modern England and America at times you feel as though you are being transported to a faraway place, especially when they are at Matthew’s mother’s ancient house in France. I honestly had trouble putting this book down. With all the tea drinking and tea making in this book I started wanting tea was sipping my hot tea right along with them. You will honestly not go wrong if you get this book. It is a great summer read and I imagine it would be even more fun to read in the fall around Halloween! The only bad thing is that it read a little slow in the middle. However, it picked right back up and got going again.