A Disgusted “Ewwwww” and “Gross” From Parents Kissing

What is it about our children, young or grown, that repulses them to see their parents openly expressing a moment of affection? They obviously know how they came to be! Mom and Dad were intimate! And yet they are immediately disgusted and shriek “ewwwww” and “gross” when they see their parents kissing. Do they not know how we felt when we discovered they were no longer “innocent” to the ways of the world, in regards to kissing, touching and procreation? I mean, let’s get real here. I kept my “ewwwwws” and “gross” to myself!!


I don’t think our children realize how they make us feel, every time they utter disgust in seeing us, their parents, hugging and trading spit. Hey, they do it, too! Just because we’ve gotten older and are now grandparents doesn’t mean the action stops! It just means we’ve slowed down in life, but aren’t dead yet.

“I Do!” But Only Until Death Do Us Part.

I think our children don’t want to get an image of their parents, now aged and with gray hair and wrinkled and out of shape, entangled in the sheets. But isn’t that exactly what they, too, are doing?

When they got married and went off to enjoy their Honeymoon, didn’t they realize that everyone waving them goodbye knew exactly how they would consummate their marriage, if they hadn’t already done so. Ewwwww!

When their children were born, did they not realize that we knew exactly how our grandchildren came to be? Gross!!

Alright, everyone says, Sex is a natural and very human thing to happen between two people. Yes, well, we know that, and yet we all cringe at the thought of mom and dad joined in a lustful moment. So to our children that cannot fathom their mother and father having sexual relations, I say to them: “ewwwww” and “gross” to you, too!

And, in all fainess, I, too, “Ewwwwwed” and said “Gross” when my parents were behaving in that romantic way we have all come to recognize.


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