Reel Sisterhood:

Disney Secret of the Wings Reviews and Sweepstakes

Two worlds. One magical secret.

Journey with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends into the forbidden world of the Mysterious Winter Woods, where curiosity and adventure lead Tink to an amazing discovery and reveals a magical secret that could change her world forever.

Thirty bloggers discovered the Secret of the Wings. Read their stories celebrating the joys of sisterhood and the magic of movies. You could win a Flitterific Fairies Blu-ray™ and DVD Combo Pack so you can discover the Secret of the Wings, too!

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“Secret of the Wings” is a Great Gift this Holiday Season!

I love time with my daughter—especially when we have time to watch cute Disney movies that I know she’ll remember. This past weekend we had the chance to watch an advance copy of the DVD “Secret of the Wings”. It is a cute story about a Disney favorite, Tinkerbell, and her long lost sister Periwinkle....more

The Magic of Sisterhood

As the eldest of three girls, I know a thing or two about sisterhood. Being a sister has always been one of my favorite roles. When I was four, my mom was pregnant with her second child. The sex of the baby was going to be a surprise, but whenever anyone asked my mother if she knew what she was having, I would reply, "It's a sister!" My mom was actually afraid I would reject a baby brother, but luckily I was right! I still remember the pride and pure love I felt when I held Mia for the first time; she was the sister I had dreamt of....more

I am who I am Because I have Sisters.

I was blessed with four of them. Each sister is unique, yet we are practically the same. We tell the same jokes, wear the same clothes, hate the same foods, play the same games, love the same movies, even come from the same goofy parents....more

Disney Magic at Its Finest.

My girls are twins. Born just one minute apart. They shared the same space -- so tightly all squished up in my tummy. I'll never forget the ultrasound where we saw them touching hands through their respective amniotic sacs. It seems that the bond of sisterhood was formed immediately, before they were even old enough to process it. Before they could decide on their own. It was just a part of who they were....more

Sisters are Loyal!

What you may not know is that we have 3 equally amazing, talented sisters who are our best friends. Having sisters is better than having a best friend. Best friends get mad at each other sometimes and may not talk for days. Sisters have no excuse to stay mad at each other because they're forced to see each other at family events ... at least if you're our mom who makes you get along, LOL!...more

Two Worlds, One Magical Secret

"We belong together, we are sisters!" These are the words Tinker Bell yells out as her newly discovered sister gets taken away from her. In Disney's fourth Tinker Bell movie, "Secret of the Wings" there are two worlds to be discovered with one big magical secret. Tinker Bell has a sister!...more

Celebrating Sisterhood

I get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart when I think about sisterhood. My own sister is my best friend and lives only a few minutes down the road from me. She is 3 years younger than me and our relationship has evolved as we've gotten older. She was the pesky younger sister and I was the tormented older sister when we were kids. I remember my mom laughing and telling us that one day we would appreciate having each other. We would stare at her dubiously, not believing it for one minute....more

Having a Sister is the Best Thing in the World!

Recently I had the chance to review Disney "Secret of the Wings" on DVD. I absolutely loved it! Tinker Bell has always been my favorite character, so it was fun to see her find her sister in this movie. The bright colors and animations in this movie were fabulous!...more

Celebrate Sisterhood {Disney Secret of the Wings}

I would like to start by saying that I was given the opportunity to review a soon-to-be released Disney movie, but let's just be honest here. It was really my three girls whom the opportunity fell upon. Especially since they literally mauled me when I told them I had a copy of Disney's new Tinker Bell movie, The Secret of the Wings. Yeah, I'm now the coolest mom on the block....more

Our Favorite Little Disney Darling is at it Again!

Our favorite little Disney darling is at it again! Tinker Bell has a new movie coming to Disney DVD later this month! I was thrilled to review "Secret of the Wings" and was not surprised at how much my kids and I loved it! I can relate with Tinker Bell. The girl is crafty and she makes things! My youngest daughter has a thing for Tinker Bell too. She dressed up as her one Halloween....more