Dispatch From Type-A Land: Weekend "To Do" List for August 5

Happy Friday everybody! Big week of illness and victories for women's rights. Firstly, I came down with something on Sunday and have been sleeping ever since. Monday and Tuesday I came home from the day job, had some soup, then went to bed at 6:30 PM. After two days of this I still wasn't feeling better so off to the doctor. Then Matty came home and he went a-doctoring too. So now we're two stuffed-up crankypants dragging ourselves to work and then back into bed. Hooray! The good news is that there's nothing like soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, even if it is pre-payday soup and the grilled cheese was made by grating the string cheese left in the fridge.

Secondly, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it will require all new insurance plans (after August of 2012) to cover birth control without co-pays under the new health reform law. There is a key word there: "new," which I have a sneaky suspicion means if you already have health insurance, you don't get to participate. But this is a huge victory nonetheless.


The CNN article above quotes statistics from the Guttmacher Institute: in 2006, 2 million births were publicly funded. Just over half of those births, 51%, resulted from pregnancies that were unintended. That 51% comes to over id="mce_marker"1 billion in costs. Did you catch that? One million babies were born on the public dime and were not planned. Not only does this act make incredible fiscal sense, it also suggests a better future for everybody. And what good could the government do with id="mce_marker"1 billion? No, it's not the government's job to level the playing field between the burden women carry by having wombs and men, but if the government is going to get into the business of paying for births, they should also be willing to pay to prevent them. AND it is a triumph for women's rights.The stigma surrounding birth control should have never existed. It's appalling the stigma still exists; it's the year 2011 for hell's sake.

Now, here's where you come in. The Department of Health and Human Services is allowing public comment for 60 days. You can bet every misogynist with a "No Loose Women" agenda and every nutcase with a closet full of dead fetus posters will be on there crying murder and the end of moral values as we know it. We're not talking mandatory sterilization here. Birth control is already available. We're talking about letting women choose to not have to pay for birth control services they have chosen to utilize. I know you may not think this is your fight. But having a million planned babies is better for society in general than a million unplanned babies, don't you think? After all the rabble rousing about banning federal funding for Planned Parenthood and fewer and fewer states allowing abortion services of any kind, a 30-second comment to the HHS lets you support the woman's right to choose not to have to pay extra to keep from bearing unplanned children.


And you don't even have to burn a bra. Unless you really want to.

To the list!

To-Do List
[  ] Laundry

[  ] Clean house (yes, leftover from last weekend)

[  ] Weed the backyard (yup, last weekend)

[  ] Bake bread

[  ] Get better

[  ] Grocery shop

Good luck with your lists everybody! Enjoy the summer weather; the nights will begin to cool soon and before you know it, leaves will be turning and you'll be donning sweaters again. Make lemonade. Grill corn. Drink beer outside. Remember to fight for what's important, even if you don't think it affects your daily life. Standing up for what you believe in will bring you a level of peace because you know you're doing the right thing. Remember that little annoyances are usually gifts you'd miss if you didn't have them any longer. Such as The Old Boy, who waits for me to get ready in the morning by laying in the stumble zone right behind my feet on the bathroom rug.

And remember to play hard and rest hard, and be grateful for the little things (like finally not having to wear a damn cone every day and night).

Have a good weekend, everybody!




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