Disrespectful Fowl and the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit

http://askpatty.typepad.com/ask_patty_/images/2007/09/03/birdturdcase376.jpgI parked my car at the beach for five days. I drive a red Dodge Magnum. Seagulls and sea birds must love red cars because they threw a party on my car for five days. Yuk!

Embarrassed to drive anywhere.... I took my now red and white speckled Dodge Magnum immediately to the self-serve car wash, ran it through twice and still could not get all the bird goop off! Wish I had known about the "Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit by Grumpy Girl". I came across it looking for the right product to use to remove the stubborn white bird crap!

This headline caught my eye:

"If you keep the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit by Grumpy Girl in your car at all times, you can avoid the icky mess on your car caused by disrespectful fowl...which only happens exactly when you don’t want it to".


The kit includes:

- Water bottle and windshield wiper to loosen and clean
- Shop towels to wipe up the mess
- Plastic baggies to store trash until it can be properly disposed
- Cleaner wax to better clean and protect the attacked area
- Microfiber sponge and towel to apply and remove cleaner wax
- Antibacterial wipes to restore that fresh and clean feeling.
- Perfect gift for a good friend
- Gorgeous gift-wrapping available

You can purchase the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit by Grumpy Girl here:


I know why this great kit is made by Grumpy Girl, birds crapping on our cars, makes us girls very grumpy!


Jody DeVere

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