The Dissertation Chronicles

My mother and father celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this fall, and to commemorate this accomplishment they asked our family to take a vacation together.  Their treat.

We said yes. We're now in Chicago. And, we're having a great time.

Well, we're having a great time minus me.  Although I have had several relaxing conversations, a few delicious meals and a wonderful tour around the city viewing the buildings, a nagging anxiety has kept me from feeling free. 

Another deadline is due on the quest for completing my dissertation. This one?  Prepare the 20-minute slideshow for the proposal meeting. Oh, and prepare some handouts to guide those in attendance through each component of your research.

So, for the second time during our vacation I said, "Goodbye" to my family and "Hello" to my laptop. 

Dissertations steal moments from my family time, and right now I feel resentful and exhausted. Every day I wish the process was over.  Every day I complete another step toward the finish line. And every day, I have moments stolen from my family time.

The age old question of, "Is this really worth it?" has now been ruminated over so many times the edges are worn down on all the letters.  I suppose that depends on the meaning of "this"...or "it."

I'm hoping that when I finish, I can say, "It is." Even if the meaning of "is" for debate.


All references to Bill Clinton's deposition quotes were intentional.