Distant dates

Distances and dates He studied in Boston, I studied in Athens. Not Athens , Georgia but ...Athens, Greece! If it was Athens, Georgia it wouldn't have been a problem, tickets are cheap there. But holly Mary, the transatlantic journey was e x p e n s i v e! I would have to travel to NY first and then on to Boston alone and the only transatlantic journey i had done until then when to my aunt's house two blocks down the street. Family amore funding was out of the question , even amore was questionable. So, I had to work. I started asking around, called friends , offered to walk dogs , baby sit , carry groceries for elders and then a good friend suggested I should work for this hot paediatrician, which I did gladly and started asap! Working with handsome paediatricians is nice but working with babies is FUN. miniature people, newborn people would come to have their small heads measured and weight and height and soft stomachs pressed and spines examined and ...have their shots ofcourse! His private practice daily , mostly upper class parents with cute well dressed babies, in posh strollers wrapped in cashmere blankets. And then one day, an arab lady walked in with this cutest of the cutest babies, dark haired and with extraordinary eyes. You looked at the baby and started smiling, you couldn't help it. He was lovely. An inspiring baby wrapped in a hand crochetted colorful shawl and rrready to conquer the world. A fighter really. I waited for their visit with anticipation every time... Once, if I remember correctly it was for his vaccination, I brought a little toy for him, a purple furry doggie. I wondered how this would seem to the mother, she was aloof and quiet, very shy and I wasn't sure how this gesture would be interpreted... But i did go on and offered the doggie and then...a lovely pink picnic towel unwrapped infront of my very eyes and a ...date was offered to me by the mom! I am not exaggerating : I wept, Iwas so touched. I didn't expect it at all. And that was also the first time that a mom allowed me to hold her baby in my arms , just for a minute really until the doctor came in, vaccine needle in hand... After two, three months at the paediatrician's office, I gathered the money for my flight and made it to Boston. Amongst much love, tears and promises, two three days into the trip, I remembered anout the cute baby and said something like "I held a fab baby in my arms the other day and it felt grrrreat". I promise, nothing more than that! Jaws dropped, quick calculations zapped through his head, he sighed and he said to me , " you know how much i like you but there is something you should know, you know...the distance..." TWO MINUTES ANGIE DISTANT DATE Choose your fattest , fleshy , cute dates. Combine some Philadelphia cream cheese with the rind of a whole orange and a drop of Metaxa cognac(optional). With a knife , make a slid along the length of each date. Fill dates with the mix. Serve with cocktails or as a dessert locally and avoid any transatlantic mess...

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