It’s the big silver ball at Grant Park in Chicago.  We stopped to rest my feet and listen to some music.  I took a shot of the silver ball that gives a distorted view of the Chicago skyline.  Pretty cool!

I took a lot of pretty pictures of the city.  Gorgeous views of the skyline.  Cool photos of old architecture versus modern.

What I didn’t snap a photo of?  The poor.  I didn’t dare!  Their dignity is stripped enough.  I saw other people photographing them.  Oh, they thought they were so sly.  Nah, I saw them snap a photo.  They didn’t dare give them a dime, a cup of Joe or go near them but for some reason they took their picture, hm???

The city.  Such a contrast.  You see the very,very rich among the very,very poor.  Million dollar condominiums with homeless sitting at the bottom begging for a penny.  My heart broke.

My son would say, “Mom, I know you want to give them something but you can’t.  I would go broke if I gave everyday.  Plus, you just can’t.  They need to go get help.”

My answer, “Where?”

My answer to all of us, “Where?”

How do we do it?  How do we walk by a mother sitting with two children asking for help?  Or an older woman begging for some assistance or a man who says on a cardboard sign, “I am all alone, please help”?

I know, I am suppose to be jaded! I should wonder if it is a scheme?  Or will they spend it on alcohol?  But, seriously, these people are sleeping on benches.  They stink to high heaven and we leave them there?  In AMERICA?  Seriously, I walk by with loose change in my wallet knowing I can spare it. This seems wrong!

My heart broke.  I felt wrong.

A blogger told me once to give them underwear and socks.  I had none.  I only had some extra money and an aching heart but my son and husband said, “NO, don’t you dare.”

It felt wrong to put blinders on and walk around, over and right past a human soul that has no one!

Oh,The City.

What do you see when you visit The City?

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