I have discovered that I am not a consistent in my ability to write.  I blame it on being busy, but usually manage to find a few minutes every day to look on Pinterest, so maybe I just haven’t had anything worthwhile to say.  I can assert that I have been cooking a lot, sewing like a maniac for the new Granddarling that is due next month, and helping a friend put the finishing touches on a dining room update, and all of those are legitimate things.  But the truth, according to my Darling Husband, is that I am distracted.  He is right; I am.  I have lately felt the weight of great concern for family and friends with all kinds of issues, everything from health problems to job loss and unexpected bumps in relationships that I thought were unshakable.  A beloved nephew and new niece in law have been deployed and another precious nephew will be sent out later in the year.   Although I truly believe that all things work together for good, this scary stuff has had an effect on my sense of well-being , and the ability to sleep well.

All is not gloom and sadness, though.  As I mentioned earlier, we will be welcoming a granddaughter next month, and that is so exciting; it has been six years since a baby has been born into the family.  Two baby showers have already been given in honor of this darling and she has  been blessed with an abundance of beautiful gifts and sweet sentiments.  Her Papa and I hope that she will grow up in a safe and secure world, that she will have a bright future and hopefully, she will find the cure for leukodystrophy or cancer or diabetes. 

Another reassurance in the future came from a trip to the past.  Darling husband took the boy Granddarlings to a Civil War battlefield while the women of the family were all occupied with one of the  baby showers.   The youngest darling asked some pretty amazing questions like, “Papa, why would the states fight each other?”  Then there was the profound comment, “I’m glad we lost, Papa.  No one should have a slave.”    There is comfort in the knowledge that the six year old gets it.

Based on all of the things that are going on around us, though, I find that I am praying for different things for this soon to arrive Granddarling and her two older boy cousins.  I ask that they have wisdom to make good choices regarding their health, and that they will have the heart to be compassionate with people who are less fortunate, that the person they find to love and cherish, will love and cherish them in return, that their faith will sustain them, and that they will be surrounded by a circle of loyal and trusted family and friends.    If they are blessed with those things, all will be well.



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