Distracted Driving - Are you Guilty?

Lately my mother has been asking me where I am phoning from when I call her. She knows that I make a ton of phone calls while I am driving and she is adamant that I cut it out. I have to admit that not only am I guilty of talking on the phone while driving (frequently without a hands free device) I am also guilty of checking email, tweeting and texting while driving. 


Sometimes I use a voice activated twitter device on my iPhone but that is still distracted driving. It doesn't matter that I check my email while at a stop light or a stop sign. It is just as dangerous as checking while driving (which I've done on more than one occasion). 


I'm admitting to doing this because I am going to sign the pledge that Oprah has regarding no distracted driving. There is nothing more important than my life or the life of my child. Driving while distracted not only puts me and mine in danger but all of the other people on the road driving (or walking) in danger. 

Figures released at the conference by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed more than 5,800 distracted driving deaths and 515,000 injuries in 2008.

Are you guilty of distracted driving? Are you willing to stop? 


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