Disturbing the waters of our lives

I can’t stop thinking of you…. Although I want to….


I just really want to know what you were thinking? Were you even thinking?


Probably not.


You slammed into me so hard. I literally didn’t know what hit me. One minute I was driving home from work on the parkway, traffic flowing nicely, and then BAM! My entire body lunged forward. I heard the crash. But I was still in disbelief. I had no warning it was coming as you plowed into my rear.


Fear and adrenaline fueled my actions. I didn’t feel it was safe or wise to stay in the middle of the busy parkway. I tried to regain my composure and started to pull to the shoulder.


You followed me.


But rather than stopping on the shoulder where I was you pulled next to me. You gestured to the exit, which was mere feet from where I was. I removed my finger from my telephone where I was about to call the police. I instead proceeded to exit the parkway. It made sense to me. We would be safer there. Wouldn’t we?


I pulled to the right. You pulled to the left. I was watching you from my rearview mirror. You looked like you were shutting off your car. I was shutting off mine. I was preparing to get out, to call the police. But I didn’t have time.


I watched you. It felt like a bad movie. You hung a u-turn, you floored your car, and then you re-entered the parkway and sped away. How could you do that? What kind of man are you anyway? Do you not feel any responsibilities for your actions? Do you not care if you injured another individual with your reckless actions?


Clearly not. But if you do somehow have a glimmer of a conscious, I hope that your action haunt you for a very long time…. Just as your actions haunt me.


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