Ditch the mayonnaise

Looking for a dish to bring to a picnic or bar-b-q? Ditch the mayonnaise. Here is my idea for a great summer dish. I don't use measurements for this. That would take the fun out of it.  The kids can help too!

It is summer here in Northern California. A area known for its summer heat. This week started around 100 degrees and I was planning a picnic.  The usual food guests expect is grilled meats and potato salads drenched in mayonnaise. Unless you like packing multible coolers with heavy ice to your picnic area and making sure the lids are kept latched this is a scary dish choice. So I decided on a healthy and safer dish. My easy pasta salad.  I cook the pasta and add the chopped veggies the night before, but I don't add the dressing until I get to the picnic area. The dressing fits snug in the ice and less of a chance for salmonella growth. The pasta and veggies still should be on ice in a sealed container, but they seem to stay cooler with out oils on them!

You may have seen this recipe before. There are many versions. That is the fun of it. Open your refrigerator and start chopping. I have seen it with Salomi in it. Looked yummy! 


Curly or Wacky pasta. (your choice of flavors) should be boiled and fully chilled

Veggies chopped into bite sizes. Have fun with this.

carrots, cucumbers, olives, celery, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, baby corn. onions, broccoli, peppers, asparagus, even leftover veggies like peas are good! 

Salomi, Ham.

Your fav Italian salad dressing. I use Kraft's Zesty Italian


BeckiHRH-Queen of all this!


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