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FAGE (pronounced "fah-yeh") is 100% natural Greek yogurt, free of additives, preservatives, and sweeteners. They recently invited 10 lucky BlogHer Reviewers to try their "Ridiculously Thick Yogurt". FAGE is so pleased with what they had to say, they want you to have the same experience!

How do you eat FAGE? What is your favorite flavor? Why do you love the pure, creamy, ridiculously thick goodness of FAGE yogurt? Leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts about FAGE and you could win a free case of FAGE!

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Pinch My Salt loves every single flavor! She likes that, "the FAGE yogurt containers come with a cute little fruit cup attached to the side so you can decide whether to mix the fruit into the yogurt or just add a little bit of fruit flavor to each bite."

Life with the Boys had never "heard of nor tasted honey-flavored yogurt before" but she instantly fell in love with "the combination of the thick yogurt with the sweet honey." She decided to mix honey into the rest of her plain yogurt as well.

Fluid Pudding is "really jazzed on the fact that the fruit is separated from the FAGE yogurt. You can go fruit first! You can fill the spoon with yogurt and be a gentle fruit dabber! You can save all of the fruit until last!"

Erin Cooks has some fantastic recipes that use FAGE; A lighter version of the traditionally very heavy beef stroganoff, silky Blueberry Lemon Muffins, and delicious Blackberry Frozen Yogurt.

Simply Yummy Goodness, having used FAGE in many recipes suggests, "You might suppose that these culinary creations are possible with any plain yogurt, but the thick density that FAGE Greek style strained yogurt possesses is just so much more satisfying than the run of the mill familiar big box brands."

CityMama™ shares, "As a mom, I never have to worry about my kids getting calcium or protein because they love their FAGE yogurt so much." She won't eat any other kind, and she even shares some of her own favorite recipes for using FAGE Greek Yogurt.

KitchenMage enjoys what is NOT in FAGE, "no rBGH for a start, but also no added sweeteners, preservatives, or additives." She also liked the "lovely texture and fullness that comes from straining off the liquids, not the pectin or other thickening agents that some other yogurts use."

Nika's Culinaria likes that "the FAGE yogurt is nothing like any of the other usual yogurt suspects and that is a very good thing. Its thick, unctuous, creamy, pure white, and has a delicious tart yet not overpowering flavor, perfect for recipes."

PastaQueen finds "the packaging for the FAGE flavor packs rather clever. Once you peel off the foil lid, you can tip the sauce half of the cup 180 degrees to pour it on the yogurt."

Kitchen Parade said, "for an after-supper treat, I especially love FAGE with a little agave nectar drizzled over top, maybe with some toasted almonds or a little cinnamon." She also uses FAGE Greek yogurt in recipes too!

With four pounds of raw milk in each pound of yogurt, FAGE has more protein than other yogurts. No matter which flavor you prefer, each spoonful will be a nutritionally and naturally blissful taste experience. Click on each step of the interactive demo below to learn how FAGE is made!

Try any of the great flavors:

• FAGE TOTAL Classic
• FAGE TOTAL Strawberry/ Cherry/ Peach/ Honey
• FAGE TOTAL 2% Strawberry/ Cherry/ Peach/ Honey

To find a retailer near you contact FAGE at 866-962-5912 or by email at info@fageusa.com.

Learn more and get detailed nutritional information at www.fageusa.com

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