Divergent Math

Many teens, preteens and an undisclosed number of adults went to see Divergent over the last few weeks. It was the crowning achievement for author Veronica Roth since this was her first book to movie adaptation and congratulations to her! The many teens and pre-teens that flocked to the movie to see Tris on the silver screen now had a visual and audio representation of their beloved story. I am sure that those undisclosed number of adults that went to see the movie were solely there because they promised some kid that they would take them. My excuse was quite different because…I’m a Math tutor.

When I think of Divergent I think of fractions. Yes, I think of fractions and how Veronica Roth may have unintentionally created the perfect way to think about fractions. Most of us were taught about fractions with visual cues that looked like circles or pies. The concept was simple. This is a whole and this is a half. In Divergent the five factions are not about wholes and halves but about the soft skills a person has that are more pronounced in their personality. I thought to myself this is a really cool way to explain the concept of one fifth! Math is often a subject that is disliked and as a tutor I try to make it understandable and likeable. I do this by making it relatable. Isn’t that how we all best understand things? That is what I think and this is  the approach I take when I teach your child math. It is how I help lower math anxiety and of course get some really cool ideas on explaining concepts such as fractions.


I know that those who read the novels will say but you are forgetting the Factionless. That makes it six groups so therefore one sixth is what the author is explaining to us. Yes, I know but if you join my All Things Fractions course. I include them too!


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