Diversity Training: More Than Tacos and Sombreros

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[Editor's Note:Diversity training in the workplace -- especially a school -- is a positive thing, right? Well, sometimes a good intentions can get executed really badly, as described by a reader who emailed to BlogHer Kelly Wickham.

In her response on Mocha Momma, Kelly describes this as the Tacos and Sombreros approach. --Grace]

...From what you’ve described it sounded more like “inequity” from the condescending tone of the overall conversations. My first impression is that this is what I call the Tacos & Sombreros approach to talking about culture and race. And that is a shame because it was an opportunity to truly discuss the actual Latino population that you have. It’s like having all those Latino students and teaching about culture but limiting it to bringing in tacos and a sombrero to the classroom to sum up an entire culture. It’s lazy and thoughtless and offensive to do that to people.


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