The "Divorce Diet" is what?

Since becoming separated, I have somehow lost 15lbs.  My food intake has basically consisted of fast food, pizza pockets and chips...not just any kind of chips, but Jalapeno Cheddar Doritos to be specific.  I should have bought stock before I separated...I would have more than made my money back by now.  After all, I go through one of the big bags every other day!  Hello, my name is RedPhoenix, and I'm an emotional eater.

My kids' diets haven't changed though.  I continue to feed them what I made for them before their father and I separated.  I just can't bring myself to plan and cook the wonderfully healthy meals I used to make for the ex and I.  When we were together, I was one of those crazy moms who prepared meals on the weekends, froze them and then all I had to do was thaw and microwave, and our dinner was ready in 5 mins each night, after the kids were in bed.

I was even better at feeding myself before moving out of our marital home.  At least I would make a great big veggie soup in the slow cooker on the weekend, and eat that all week...along with the chips.  Having formerly been in Weight Watchers about a decade ago, my thought process was that as long as I had healthy soup, I was "allowed" to have all the chips I wanted.  ;)

Since the kids and I moved into our apartment, I just haven't been able to do it.  I now understand why people are always buying those processed meals...although I haven't been able to bring myself to buy any yet, and I hope I won't get to that stage. 

Logically, one would think that I would just make more of what I'm making for the kids and eat that.  The thing is, I graze on what they are eating because it's important to me that they both see that mom eats.  The problem is, 3 hours later, I'm hungry again.  After all, that's how I've been eating dinners for the last 5 years!

Some thoughts run through my head related to getting back on track with healthier eating...

  • my arteries are not going to thank me later on in life for the abuse they've endured during my emotional eating
  • what happens when the stress that is going on in my life related to the separation and divorce calms down?  Am I going to gain the weight back, and perhaps more?
  • why I can't seem to find those "perfect places" for all the things I have piled in front of the stove so I can use it again?
  • can I blame the lack of air conditioning in our apartment for not wanting to make a veggie soup in the slow cooker?  It's amazingly easy, but does increase the temperature of whatever room it's in, which is great in those Canadian winters...not in the Canadian summer without air conditioning!
  • am I really going to be able to pass the chips aisle and NOT buy them?

So, here's my pledge to you (whomever you are!), that I'm going to start using my slow cooker again.  Even if I just make one meal per week and eat all the leftovers, at least it's something! 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Wish me luck!



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