Try this on for size! I read an article in the Otago Daily
Times, that was written by Tracy Barnet. She quotes the evolutionary
anthropologist Helen Fisher, who is an authority on the subject. The
jest of the piece was that…”We see marriage and children as a species
necessity but with all due respect to a good half dozen religions that
preach otherwise, why doesn’t divorce get any biological
respect…Research shows that all societies find a way to dissolve mating
partners…Divorce has been on the up and up for generations…the more
children that a couple had, the less likely that they would divorce…”


So the theory is that, as night follows day,
so does divorce happen in order to protect the human species. For me,
the words hit home because I work with so many women who are in the
throws of divorce. Her studying divorce minus emotion equates to a
lifting of the “weary veil of tears” and allows evolution, something,
anything, to eliminate the blame game. She made in my opinion, a novel
comment. “…the less economically dependent couples are on each other,
the more likely they are to seek new partners. Divorce is as much of a
part of evolution as bearing children.” So I guess my
question to you is, how many children do you have and do you think you
will beat the odds or throw the dice for divorce?

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