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Welcome to DivorceCandy and our very first blog post! If you are reading through our site, then you have probably just been through a rough time in your life. Whether your divorce was for better or for worse, you are at another crossroads in your life. My aunt and I, the founders of DivorceCandy have been there – she because she has been through a divorce and me because I am a child of divorce. We are both able to see the bittersweet in this life-altering event. We are living proof of the profound effect divorce can have on one’s life, but there is indeed life after divorce. Blah, Blah, Blog is a way for us to share our stories and experiences and to show each other that it is possible to move on after a divorce. Some of our stories will be heart breaking and sad while others will be happier and humorous. The point is that all these stories have become part of who we are and have contributed to the strength and wisdom we have gained by not letting divorce overtake us. We hope you will enjoy getting to know us by reading our blog and we are so excited to learn more from all of you.

On a lighter note, let me tell you how we came up with the idea for DivorceCandy. In February of 2008, my aunt and I were driving into Manhattan so she could buy me a very special gift, my first pair of Manolo Blahniks. These would be the shoes I wore at my wedding. At the same time, my dad was going through his second divorce. After my ex-stepmother moved out and took what they had agreed she could take, he kept finding all this random stuff missing. For example, she took the wastebaskets and the paper towel racks. Mind-boggling I know as she could have replaced such items very inexpensively at Home Goods or Target. On this particular day, he called us while we were in the car headed to the city and he was fuming. She took the garden hose. After my dad calmed down, he told me that if my fiancé and I received an extra set of dishes, we should send them his way (she obviously took the dishes too). So I said, “Hey dad, you should be able to register for these kinds of things.” Well we all paused and decided a divorce registry was a brilliant idea. After lots of Internet searching, we discovered an endless supply of gift registries, but nothing out there that called itself a divorce registry. So we decided to create one and give it the proper title. We are not afraid to call our gift registry The Divorce Registry. Why shouldn’t all of you going through a divorce be able to register for the things your ex walked away with? Why shouldn’t your family and friends be able to help you replace such things and alleviate some of the cost associated with divorce? 

We know that no one wants to publicize the fact that they are getting divorced. No one storms into a store and says, “I’m getting divorced and my ex took the furniture so I’m here to buy a new couch” or, “My divorce was just finalized, help me find a new wardrobe.” Why should anyone have to be ashamed or embarrassed by going through a divorce? Perhaps if society recognized divorce as an equally life-changing event as it does birth, marriage, and death, it would lessen the feelings of shame and embarrassment felt by so many. We hope that DivorceCandy will help change the social stigma associated with divorce, and the first step in doing so is to put ourselves out there.

While a divorce registry was the catalyst for this site, you’ll find as you browse that we offer so much more. DivorceCandy is a community we hope you will become part of, where members will help each other get through the difficult times by sharing their experiences with one another and where you will find solace, inspiration, and some practical advice.


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