Divorced and Family hated my EX and now they hate my BF

Ladies I need unbiased advice...please!

I married a man that my family thoroughly disapproved of, he was just over all a bad person, he was lazy, did drugs, sold drugs... and I married him on the pretense that we would change. I thought that I could make him a better person, we were married for 5 years and I was more unahppy then i was happy.  We had 1 child and when my son was 2 I finally divorced him.  My decision to divorce was based on many things, but the fact that I "liked" another man was what gave me the courage to actually go through with the divorce.  As soon as I was legally separated I started dating my now BF. I met my BF at work (he worked for my dads company as a truck driver), as soon as my family found out i was dating my BF they again, thoroughly disapproved.  Their reasons for not liking him are I didn't give myself time to heel from divorce, he flirted with me when I was married, he worked for my dad (he quit job with my dad to date me and avoid problems with my family), and hes "just a truck driver".  We have been living together for 2 years now and are ready to get married, but my family is putting out all the stops on our marriage.  They have now given me an ultimatum, him or them.  My dad has gone as far as to say he will "fire" me if I marry him. They firmly beleive because they were right the first time, they are right this time.  My BF is honest, hardworking, a non drinker, healthy, loving...we both want to get married and have more children.

I have to admit there is a tiny doubt in my mind that my BF might not be the guy for me, but I love him, my son loves him and he loves us. 

I need real advice on this matter, please.


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