DIY Blood Dripped Candles for Halloween


This craft is not only brilliant but super easy!
All you need is a red candle, a white candle, and a lighter. Let's go.

Creepy huh?

Place your candles on a piece of paper so the wax doesn't get onto any other surface. Now light your red candle and let the flame go for about a minute until you have a small puddle of wax. Tip the red candle and pour the red wax onto the edge of the white candle. I used a taper candle this year and that too was very easy. Just leave the candle lit as you drip the red wax around the white candle.

Keep moving the red candle around until the drips look like blood. 

And that's it. The wax dries instantly and you can save them year after year.
Happy Halloween.


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