6 Fabulous Body Scrubs You Can Make at Home

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When I was teenager I would faithfully go to the store every few weeks to buy my favourite exfoliating product. Who am I kidding? I used that same product right into my thirties. I have been slowly easing my way into more natural products and when Illinois banned exfoliating face washes earlier this year, I decided it was time for my beauty routine to grow up.

Exfoliating scrubs are one of the easiest beauty products to make at home and only take a few minutes to mix together. Most of these scrubs use coconut oil as a base, so if you don't have any you'll want to grab some from your grocery store. Once you've made your first body scrub you'll wonder why you ever spent all that money buying them.

DIY: 6 Homemade Body Scrubs You Can Make

Homemade Mandarin Body Scrub ⇒


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