DIY Christmas Candle Decor (SO EASY!!!)

Instead of pulling today's topic off of Pinterest, I'm bring it to you from ME.  It's something I've made.. BUT, the idea was from Pinterest, so it still counts for my "Very Pinterest Christmas"!
 I just took some things I already had laying around the house and dressed it up for Christmas! I used our drinking glasses (straight from the cabinet), EPSOM Salt, Twine we had laying around and a Christmas red candle holder. 
 I loved how some pins on Pinterest talked about using the Epsom salt to look like snow!
It really can't get any easier than this! No matter what type of glassware you have around your house (drinking glasses, vases, larger candle holders, etc) you can make this! You could even use sea salt if you don't have epsom salt.. or sugar!  


I placed ours up on the wall (2 of them) and dressed it up with some pinecones.  I LOVE PINECONES and I use them all over my house to decorate at Christmas! 
My FAVORITE spot for them is the tree!!!! I collected them when we lived in Virginia & Florida and they've traveled with us all the way to Hawaii.  I may or may not have an entire large size tote full of them ... 


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