DIY Costumes: A Better Option This Year

Each year, Halloween has created angst for both my daughter and I. It never fails that every year, I feel like I'm trying to catch up before the race ends to find the right costume. My daughter and I would usually go from one Halloween costume store to another until we hope to find the one she loves.


While I love this holiday, I don't care so much about the chaos that usually ensues before the actual day. Trying to find the right costume can be expensive and most times, they don't fit. There have been instances where you think you might have found the right one until you realize that it  looks better on the wall than on you.  

Besides a week or two of costume hunting, there's the business of finding the one that's appropriate for either one of us. So many of the costumes I've seen are modeled by women who are long-legged and busty, both of which are not me. So trying to picture myself as a warrior princess or pirate wench was impossible. Another deterrent for me has been the hem length or lack of it in each costume. Is it really impossible to tone down the sexiness of costumes? I have no problem wearing something that could be thought of as sexy, but i don't believe that it should be blatantly pushed, especially on tweens.

My husband loves this holiday as well and most times, he would just forego wearing one, but in past years, he has put together his own costume, instead of buying one. This year is no different, but he has upped the ante since he created a human roller coaster out of tri-fold boxes, colored paper, dowels, fake legs and feet (taped on the trifold). Putting it together took some work, but in the end, his co-workers (8 including him) made the other roller coaster cars and paraded it in their office for the others to see.

While my daughter loves looking for the right costume for her, this year, she has opted to make parts of it. As an angel, she has made her own halo and decorated her shirt with with silver glitter paint. Although she bought the wings and leggings to go with it, her costume was a success and less expensive than what it would have been if we had purchased a whole costume package.

While I never dressed up for Halloween or went trick or treating when I was growing up, it's been an education for me to see how searching for Halloween costumes can easily take over your budget if you're not careful. I plan on enjoying this Halloween more so since my daughter decided that she enjoyed making her costume more so than buying it, and that is worth every penny in my book. That's my take on this, what's yours?


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