DIY Crayon Roll

I always find it hard to think of creative and useful gifts for younger cousins. One thing younger kids tend to use is crayons, but they always fall out of the box. The best solution? A crayon roll:)




17 in. x 25 in. rectangle of base material

2-3 squares of felt

Crayons ( at least one or two)

Sewing machine

Double fold bias tape



Measuring tape




Start off by measuring a length of 17 inches across the bottom of the material.



Then, depending on how many crayons you wish it to hold, measure 7 in. (24 crayons), 12 in. (48 crayons), or 17 inches ( 72 crayons) for the width of the crayon roll. Cut out this rectangle.




Also cut out one, two, or three 3 in. x 17 in. rectangles for the respective amount of crayons.




On the rectangles, mark where to sew for the crayon slots by laying down a crayon and marking next to it with a line of chalk.




Now for the felt! If you are making a 72 crayon roll, use 3 rectangles of felt. The smaller two only require 2 squares of felt. Start off by sewing your two squares together with a 3/4 in. or

5/8 in. seam allowance.






To hem the long sides of the smaller rectangles, slightly fold over the top about an eigth of an inch.



Mark two inches in from the top and bottom (the edges that have the seam in the middle) . For the 72 inch roll, put one rectangle in the middle, and measure two inches from either side of the rectangle. Pin the rectangles in place, chalk line side up.







Now, already following the chalk lines that you drew, sew down the rectangles. Occasionally check to make sure the crayons fit.







Line the outer fabric up with the felt and pin the two together. Make sure to cut off access material around the felt. Cut two 17 inch strips of bias tape and leave the rest to bind the outer and felt together.



Take the bias tape strips and pin on either side of the bottom-most rectangle. The pin the rest of the bias tape around the rectangle edges, making sure to pin through both materials.



Sew around the egdes, securing the bias tape and keeping the rectangles together. Make sure to back stitch at the bias tape strips to ensure they dont pull out of the seam.





Sew straight down the bias tape strips to keep them from unfolding during use.


Thats it! Fill the roll with crayons and then it can be put to use on the go! Enjoy:)








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