DIY Fabric Covered Buttons

This is a super super super easy DIY.

Here's what you need to make fabric covered bottons:

Hammer, fabric, scissors, and a Dritz button kit  from here.

They do sell button kits at most fabric stores, and Hobby Lobby has them too. They should be under $5 to purchase.

First step: Cut your fabric in a circle with the included paper pattern.

Center the fabric on the white plastic mold. Take a button and set it on top.

Gently push down.

Push the button top all the way down, and gather the fabric on top. Then you can place the silver cap on top.

This little blue thingy is called the pusher.

We have a kid that goes by the same name.

Next, take the pusher and set it on top of your button while it is still inside the mold. Hammer it down and you will hear or feel the button snap together.

Voila! Bend the mold and your button should pop right out.


I use my buttons with elastics to make hair pieces, but obviously you can do many other things.

I usually make mine in pairs.

You know, in case I loose one, or if by chance I can convince one of my girls to have pigtails.

(My three girls are more likely to clean their bedroom before they allow me to put their hair in pigtails.)

The hair elastics are from  Target. I love the bright colors.

And, totally unrelated, and just because I love old things, here 's some cute vintage buttons with elastics.

That's it!

 To view more more of my DIY prjoects go to


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