DIY Father's Day Garland

Father's Day is already next Sunday! I can't even wrap my head around how fast this year is going! I already have what I'm buying Mike picked out but I wanted to make a little something extra to decorate for the day! I'm a sucker for decorating my mantle and love garlands so I put together a little DIY. This is a fast, free garland that can be put together in less than a half an hour too! Perfect for any handy man in your life :)

1. Start off by going to the Home Depot or Lowes and grab some LARGE paint swatches in gray, brown, orange, yellow, etc. Basically any color you would like to make your tools :)

2. Next you need to make the templates for the your tools. I just freehanded mine and wasn't brave enough to draw a hammer so that's why I only have screwdrivers and saws in my garland. Below you'll see 3 tools that you can cut and paste into word. Resize them so that they will fit on your paint swatches and print them out! Cut each tool out so that you can trace them onto your paint swatches.

3. Trace the outlines of your tools and cut each one out once you've finished tracing! I made the handles different colors because I thought they looked a little cuter that way :)

4. Next you need to tape each of your tools together if you decided to make the handles a different color.

5. Almost done! Tape to string, ribbon or jute twine. It's totally up to you :) Feel free to make this garland as long or short as you would like as well.

 Of course I will also do a little Happy Father's Day chalk art underneath.

Hope this gave you a good idea for a last minute Father's Day garland!

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