DIY Faux Leather Cross

This cross with wings is a special order that I received. I was asked to paint the larger cross so that it would resemble leather.

Never having painted anything to look like leather before, I of course turned to my good friend Google. You can find out how to do just about anything on Google.

hand painted faux leather cross

Supplies Needed For This Project:

Large cross

Small cross Wings cut from plywood


Antique gold acrylic paint

Burnt umber acrylic paint

Antique white acrylic paint

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Couple plastic grocery bags

Decorative tacks

Gorilla glue

Skill saw




First draw the wings on a piece of plywood. Cut out, and sand.

Gut out and sand the angel wings

Paint the wings with antique white. Need to coats to cover. Let dry thoroughly between each coat. Then float burnt umber around the edges. Once dry sand the edges to give it a rustic worn look.

Prime the large cross with gesso.

Let primer dry thoroughly

 Apply the antique gold for the undercoating of the painted leather technique.

 Using antique gold for the leather undercoat

Using antique gold for the leather undercoat


Let the undercoat dry thoroughly

Let the undercoat dry thoroughly

Mix up a small portion of Mod Podge (1 part) and burnt umber (2 parts). Mix well. Now grab one of the plastic bags and dip into the mixture and start dabbing onto your cross. Continue until you have the cross coated. Then turn your bag inside out for a clean part, and go back over it while it’s still wet, dabbing to remove any excessive paint.

Dab Burnt umber paint on with a plastic bag

Dab burnt umber paint on with a plastic bag


Leather painting technique

Leather painting technique

Let dry thoroughly

Let dry thoroughly

Once dry mix up another small portion of Mod Podge, and burnt umber. This time using less Mod Podge, and a little more burnt umber. Get a clean plastic bag and repeat the process above until covered. Let dry, and if needed apply another coat. The less Mod Podge, and more burnt umber used will make the cross darker. But you do need some Mod Podge for the glaze.

Painting cross to resemble leather

Painting cross to resemble leather

Once you get the cross how you want it, and its dry. Mark off where you want the decorative tacks, and then drill small holes to get the tacks started, so not to split your cross when you hammer them in.

Handpainted cross that resembles leather

Handpainted cross that resembles leather

Now it’s time to assemble your cross with wings using gorilla glue, and it only takes a little bit, because it swells up (found that out the hard way). I did nothing to the little cross; I liked it just the way it was.

handmade cross with wings

Leather cross with wings




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