DIY Floor Table: Pinterest Inspiration

Reasons I Love Pinterest
There are plenty of reasons I love Pinterest. One of the main ones is for inspiration. It usual starts with a thought/a find/an idea to create something fun/interesting/useful. My latest inspiration fascination was - what to do with a board I found in the woods surrounding my country home. I often troll these woods for all manner of things - glass bottles, big rocks, aged-wood boards, discarded junk in general to add to my treasured collection of stuff.  
My latest find - a substantial piece of wood board that has a lovely aged/rugged look. Now what to do? Do I use it to make a table? a shelf? what? 
Enter Pinterest 
trolling for ideas 
Here's what I found that hit my hot button. Adding wheels to the board and place it on the long wall at the foyer.



So I hit Home Depot and grabbed some 1-1/4" caster rubber wheels. After I washed down the wood and let it dry I brought it inside and began screwing the wheels onto the bottom of the board. 



I have a pretty awesome blister on the palm of my right hand. Yes, I know there are powertools that can ameliorate that problem, but that involved too much work to get it all out of the garage so late at night. 


Notice the ubiquitous "W"


I snatched up this wire basket and several others from an pile of "stuff" in a storage shed when I was away on a personal retreat. The grounds keeper gave all of them to me for $10. Score!
my new "floor table on casters"
Don't you just love it? I have so many magazines that I will be able to stack on my new
"floor table". Did I just created a new furniture term? Let the trend begin ;)

More Wheel Love
Once I find something I love - I repeat. So I saw this Pinterest Inspiration as well and decided to add casters to a wooden crate I purchased a while back and currently use as a boot tray. 


You absolutely have to have boots up here at White Sweet House - this is full-on country living. I'm pretty sure we have boots in every size. 

 I love the wheels

I am at our country home all week, with a few back and forth trips to the city for the children's activities and other random responsibilities, so I have a whole host of DIY projects to entertain myself with while here. I'll keep you posted. 
Stay tuned for how to get rid of annoying tree stumps - my current ongoing project.

Carol H. Wright

Urban Living the Wright Way


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