DIY: How To Paint Plastic Chairs

When we first bought our home 5 years ago it needed some work both in and out. Even though our home was built in 1994, it was still a fixer-upper. I guess I should mention it still is. In consequence you will get to see some DIY post of our upgrades and projects.  


I decided our yard needed some color. I've been slowly planting flowers, adding patio furniture and so on. All a sudden I had an itch to add a little more color to our front porch in an less expensive way. I already had 2 plastic patio chairs with a little plastic side table for enjoying coffee on our front porch. I decided the 2 dull plastic chairs were a great opportunity to add some color. Its not an abundance of color and not too little; it's just the perfect amount.



DIY; How To Paint Plastic Chairs.




The supplies you will need are...


  • Sand paper (I have a picture of what I use)
  • Spray paint for plastic ( I have a picture of what I use)
  • Painting tarp to lay down before painting. 

The steps how to paint a plastic chair...

  1. Wash the plastic chair of with soap and water really good. Make sure it drys before the next step.
  2. Sand the plastic chair. This step may take a couple minutes. I bought an all purpose sanding sponge. You can rinse and reuse the sanding sponge. Get this! You may even use it while it is wet. Trust me it worked.
  3. Once you have your plastic chair all sanded it is time to spray paint. my favorite paint is to use the Rust-Oleum painter touch 2X. It works on wood, metal, and plastic. 
  4. Let the paint dry. Once the paint is dry you may then decide if the chair needs a second coat. Mine did not. Now you may apply a gloss cover. 
  5. Let dry and now you have a brand new chair!

For the 2 cans of spray paint and the sand sponge it cost me a total of 12.56$ at my local Home Depot.




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