DIY Jewelry Holder on the Cheap!

After showing you last week how to transform an old trunk into a bar, I realized that the extra wood "shelving" had to be used up. And simultaneously, I was struggling to keep all of my jewelry organized and easily accessible so that I can dress up my outfits a bit more regularly with something sparkly or pretty. So I had just the best of ideas. Just look at this tired old lady trying to do the trick. My jewelry was stacked and stacked and INACCESSIBLE!

So in the spirit of giving this old lady a rest, you'll first need to take a jewelry inventory, and get rid of all that you no longer want (Oh, I guess that means a trip to Goodwill and shopping for fun, new goodies. Damn, life is hard). Then lay out the keepers onto the board to be sure you have room to store it all. I LOVE bangles, so I really wanted to have enough space between the nails to hang them all, without them being cluttered. Again, my old lady just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Here's seriously how I went about measuring!


I made sure my bangles had room. Only four would fit so I used a ruler to mark four even spaces. Four nails would easily hold all of my bangles, so the second, third and fourth row of nails would be to hang earrings. I laid the nails out and marked where to nail them so I would get an even, finished look.

**Important note!! If you look closely, you'll see erased pencil markings! Remember to measure twice, nail once?!?!

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