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At the library last week this book practically jumped off of the shelf at me. Gutted: Down to the Studs in My House, My Marriage, My Entire Life by Lawrence LaRose.

What else does someone who is in the throes of a home renovation want to read about than someone else in the middle of a home renovation. Especially if the person tells their story with humor.

I read in bed every night while I try to relax enough to fall asleep. The past few nights I have woken my husband up repeatedly with my laughing. He has requested that I not read the book in bed anymore. In return I suggested ear plugs.

Brickman House was one of the first home renovation sites I found. Long before I even knew what a blog was. It consistently made me laugh. For a long time I thought of starting a home renovation blog to keep track of our house. But then I realized that we move at the pace of sludge and really how many weeks could I write "Did nothing" before I bored even myself to tears. Or the past two months, "Painted doors."

Then sadly one day Brickman House failed to update. And never came back. The website is still there and I wonder what happened to them. Did the renovations suddenly become not funny? Did they forget their password? Did they, and now this is my great fear so much so that I am going to put my login information and passwords in my will, die? Where are you Kilted One?

House In Progress was another site I stumbled upon before I knew what this thing called blogging was all about. Not only does Jeanne write posts that are chock full of information. She posts photos of the work they are doing, which the house voyeur in me loves to see. but my most favorite part is when she highlights some of the junk that was left in their house in the category appropriately named, "What on Earth?" The one I linked above was hysterically funny. I am still giggling. My kids want to know what is funny and all I can get out is "dogs.....swimming."

A newer favorite of mine, M and C Build a House. They just had their first child and wrote about what is going on renovation wise in their house. And every time I read their blog, I laugh.

This is all part of a newly re-energized kitchen effort. We realize that we’ve only got another few months until we need to have our kitchen childproofed. And we think that childproofing generally requires drawers, cabinet doors, and other fancy items meant to contain knives and poisons and whatnot. (Right? We’re new to this parenting thing, so let us know if we are on the wrong track.)

Other honorable mentions:

The House and I: funny funny funny. That is all I have to say.

DIY Diva: I know I mention her like every single week, but she is a power tool wielding badass. How can I not mention her?

The Country Doctor's Wife
: another blog that makes me laugh. Though she focuses less on home renovation than most of the others, she makes me laugh. I am not sure that one can have too much laughter in their life.

So what are your favorite home improvement focused blogs?

When she isn't blogging about her life at Notes from the Trenches, Chris is busy rescuing her house from a century of neglect and bad taste. She can also be found at A Year Off, where she has sworn off shopping for an entire year and at DIY This and That.

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