{DIY} Little Tutu for Little One

Hey y’all! Just want to share the {diy} little tutu for little ones that I just did for my niece’s 1st birthday.  

You know that you-tried-to-do-something-for-the-first-time-and-it-actually-works! kind of feeling?  That's how I felt when I did this little tutu.

I just purchased two yards of pink & two yards of green tulles, a onesie & a ribbon and I had this really cute tutu
tutu diy, diy tutu
I did not measure the length of the tulles before cutting it.  Just folded it four times & cut both ends to have this.
Since there are two tulle colors, I started looping the pink on the ribbon with spaces in between each loops.  
tutu diy, diy tutu


After looping the pink tulles, loop the green tulles in the space between the pink tulles. 
tutu diy, diy tutu
After looping all of your tulles, adjust the spacing & scrunch all the tulles closer. 
tutu diy, diy tutu
Wrap it around your onesie if it fits & adjust accordingly. 
tutu diy, diy tutu
Then sew the tulle around the onesie & you can choose to sew a ribbon over it like what I did on this tutu.
tutu diy, diy tutu
It is just so cute & so easy to make, look at how cute my niece wearing it!
tutu diy, diy tutu
I will definitely make one for my daughter for her birthday too!

ps: you can check out this tutorial from Treasures for Tots, this is the one that I followed.

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