diy maternity banner tutorial

we took our maternity pics this past weekend and when looking up props we could use, i stumbled across the cutest sign ever that i just had to replicate. this was a super easy project, too – only took me about 20 minutes to complete! score!

so adorable – i honestly didn’t peek at her website before jumping into the project so my instructions are a tad bit different than hers – but either way, it’s such an easy craft and came out super adorable! and – i updated it a little to reflect our two baby girls that are on the way!



cross-stitch fabric
hot glue gun/glue sticks


i just picked up a small pack of cross-stitch fabric from my local craft store – it was only a little over $3 a pack and was thicker material, so it was easier to cut than tweed or a similar fabric would be. the twine came from the dollar store, and i already had the glue gun, sticks, scissors and sharpie marker on-hand.


  • i free-cut a banner shape on a piece of paper to help trace out the sheets on the cross-stitch fabric
  • i then counted outed the number of letters i would need and trace those out



  • after i traced them all out – i simply cut them and made sure that i had enough for what i needed. i did make them a little longer because i didn’t want to sew the twine through them, but wanted to glue the tops over twine



  • next i wrote out the words that i wanted which were “we love you both already” and then used the sharpie to write the corresponding letter on each cut-out and just did that free-hand [i did mess up a little with the heart and the word "love" but it's quirky and we decided we actually like it ... so, we love-love!]



  • then using the twine, i took each letter individually and slightly wrapped the very top, using hot glue to secure the twine in between the top of the letter and wrapping it over slightly. i did three separate strings so that we just held them together and let the bottom two strings drape more dramatically in the picture so you can read the banner more clearly.


i’m really excited for how they turned out and can’t wait to share the picture with you!


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