DIY Natural Bug Spray


DIY Bug Repellent || Found on Simple MedicineThis weekend, my best friend and I [plus our husbands] are heading to Manatee Springs to camp for the weekend. I'm sure it'll be Florida sunny and humid with a side of thunderstorms and plenty of mosquitoes.

I'm really excited! I have never been camping in Florida and I'm looking forward to the new experience.

To keep us bug and chemical free, I put together a natural mosquito repellent. This recipe uses a blend of insecticide essential oils; all of which smell pretty good. Most people associate DEET with conventional bug sprays; DEET has been linked to adverse effects, especially with long term use. The Environmental Working Group still believes DEET is appropriate in certain situations, use this guide to find out if it's appropriate for your situation in order to minimize the possibility of vector borne disease.

DIY Bug Repellent || Found on Simple Medicine

Citronella Essential Oil: Rich, fresh, sweet, lemony tones that contain high levels of Citronellol, the active constituent that keeps insects away.

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Woody, balsamic, rich dry overtones.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Fresh, very minty, hot, herbaceous, with a vegetative back notes

Lavender Essential Oil: Sweet, floral, herbaceous notes

DIY Bug Repellent || Found on Simple Medicine

DIY Bug Repellent:

To blend, mix 4oz of distilled water with 4oz of witch hazel. Add 15 -20 drops of each of Citronella and Cedarwood essential oils; add 10 drops each of Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.

Shake and spray to keep the mosquitoes away.

Cheers to s'mores, glamping with my bestie, thunderstorms, manatees and lots of laughs!


If you're using this product on children or if you have sensitive skin, you can further dilute it by adding less essential oil. 


If you want natural bug repellent without the DIY, purchase this product in my etsy shop: The Botanical Co. 

DIY Bug Repellent || Found on Simple Medicine