DIY a pretty jewelry display w/ recycled materials

Here's an easy diy design tutorial you can feel good about - turning some old cardboard and styrofoam into some chic hanging displays for your statement jewelry & accessories! I've made a bunch of these and they are pretty and wonderfully functional (I use them to pin craft componants to as well like when I'm making jewelry). 

What you’ll need:

  1. 1) Work surface (I used a large cutting board -- you can also put down a big flat piece of cardboard)
  2. 2) Box cutter
  3. 3) Sturdy Scissors (for trimming cardboard, etc.)
  4. 4) Fabric Scissors (use ONLY for fabric -- to keep them nice)
  5. 5) Hot glue gun & extra glue sticks
  6. 6) Fabric & ribbon
  7. 7) Straight pins
  8. 8) Small cardboard pieces (at least 3 sheets of the same size to glue together)
  9. 9)Small pieces of styrofoam (flat and pretty thick)


How to Make The Cardboard Hanging Display

  • Step 1:  cut some cardboard pieces -- get at least 3 pieces that are the same size and large enough to hang a necklace, bracelets, or a large accessory from.
  • Step 2: glue pieces together in a sort of sandwich (make sure it’s fairly even along edges, but it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect).
  • Step 3: cut a piece of fabric to size -- just enough to cover the front side and edges of your cardboard sandwich (don’t worry about the back).
  • Step 4: glue the sized fabric piece to the cardboard -- kind of like you’re wrapping a present, but just concentrating on the front and sides.
  • Step 5: get a sized piece of ribbon or fabric to use to hang with and pin the ends to the top sides of the cardboard.
  • Step 6: Decorate! Paint, glue on some beads or other decoration to make it really chic.

Now you can hang it!

How to Make the Styrofoam Hanging Display:

To make one out of styrofoam just follow the same steps as with the cardboard EXCEPT when gluing -- to do that glue the fabric first and then press the styrofoam onto the glued fabric. Don’t apply hot glue directly to the styrofoam as that will melt into it and create some ugly grooves.

Easy eh? If you'd like to see the video tutorial plus some decorating tips to make this project really fancy then check out the blog post on! 


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