DIY Quote Scarf

diy scarf

When I saw this scarf on Pinterest, I knew I had to try and make one for myself. This project is super easy although a little time consuming.

What you’ll need:
tea bags and bowl of warm water (optional)
Sharpie or fabric marker
A selection of poems, quotes, or lyrics

Step #1
I chose to tint a white, linen scarf that I already owned and used tea to make it a beautiful, creamy color. Soak the scarf in warm water along with three or four tea bags. Leave for a couple of hours; then, ring out scarf and let it dry completely.

diy scarf

Step #2
When the scarf is dry, it’s time to start writing. I chose selections from Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Charlotte Bronte. Don’t worry about neat handwriting or making mistakes. Sloppy cursive and ink stains add character.  While I used a Sharpie, you could use a fabric marker if you are worried about the ink running/fading.

diy scarf

 Et voila! You are ready to wrap yourself in inspiration and take on the world.

diy scarf


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