DIY Sidewalk Paint

DIY Sidewalk Paint!

So last Friday I decided to put one of my Pintrest pins to use (rare I know) and we decided to go to town making our own chalk paint. It was actually super fun and really easy (all ingredients are the typical items a mom usually has in her cupboard). We did this in the early afternoon to avoid the heat and kill some time before dad came home (the whole house is always excited for the weekend). Of course with boys we did end up getting a bit off track and resorted to dumping the paint all over our bodies...which then gave a great excuse to use the hose and get soaking wet. But I digress...if you want to make this super easy paint at home here are the steps...(I will leave the body painting, hose spraying at your discretion)
What you Need:
    1. Baby Powder or Corn Starch
    2. Brushes
    3. Containers for mixing (I used old tubberwear, I have also seen people use muffin tins as their pallet and that looks way more awesome)
    4. Brushes
    5. Water
    6. Measuring cup
    7. Food Coloring
Gather your items and pull up your chair! Let your little one get involved

Next, you are going to mix equal parts water and powder (or starch). You can make
as much or little paint as you want. Mix it well, and add your coloring. Add more water
or powder if needed to give it a paint texture!

When you paint it will initially look like water color. It dries rapidly
into the appearance of chalk and looks way too cool!

Be as creative as you want! As I said the driveway soon wasn't enough canvas for my little
guy as he then resorted to dumping! Oh and I refilled his paint three times
so I plan on making a bigger batch next time, it's pretty addicting, I did my share of painting!

There you have it! Now you have a fun activity that you and the little ones can enjoy, now hurry and go paint!
* The food coloring I used did leave a little bit of hue on our skin. With a good wash everything did come off, but as you can see from the colors we chose we looked a bit like Monsters inc. or Barney that afternoon. No sidewalks were harmed in the painting process:)


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