DIY Silhouette Canvases

Ever since we moved into our home, our mantel has been naked. I actually borrowed a mirror from my mom when House Hunters came back to film our house because I didn't want the world to see my bare mantel. I've combed Pinterest trying to find ideas but was having trouble making a decision.

I am hosting multiple parties and showers at my house in July and wanted to have it decorated before then. I had few craft ideas with canvases so I went to Hobby Lobby to grab one. I decided against a large square canvas and went for 3 clearance rectangle canvases. 
(sorry, I only took instagram pics)
These pre painted canvases were in the 80% off aisle and I knew I couldn't get a better deal. I decided to prank Jon and showed them our new decor. I wish I would have gotten a picture of his face as he was telling me he thought they were "cool". Little did he know I was planning on painting them :-)
So back to the project. I primed and painted them a dark turquoise to match our new cabinet that sits under our mounted TV
I planned on mounting the canvases vertically so I needed vertical pictures to silhouette. I chose an engagement picture of ours and a picture of Mr. Ernie (still trying to decide what to do with the 3rd). I uploaded the photos to Block Print and chose the 12 page option. Block Print creates wall posters from high res photos. You upload a picture, choose how big you want your poster and it pops up a PDF of your photo. 
Here are my photos...each is 12 full sized pieces of paper
Next, I carefully cut out Ernie's body and mine and Jon's exactly how I wanted the silhouette to look. This was probably the most time consuming because I had to cut off the white borders and try to match up the pieces perfectly. Here is Ernie with his cutout, he was very confused haha.

I traced each silhouette lightly with a pencil on the painted canvases and painted inside with white primer (since it is thick and the canvas was dark). I did a couple of coats and let them dry.

Here are the finished canvases!



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