DIY: StageYour Home To Sell

A first impression means everything, especially when you’re trying to sell a home. When a potential buyer walks through, they’re instantly making judgment calls. To make sure they’re positive judgments, you might consider staging your home.


Statistics gathered by shows 94% of homes staged by professional companies sell in 29 days or less, compared to an average of 145 days for homes that are not staged. While these statistics are encouraging, staging a home can be expensive. Rather than shell out hundreds of dollars to a staging company, consider doing it yourself. It will take some work, but by following these tips you’re more likely to get your home off the market faster.



Take down all the family photos. Put the kid’s artwork away. Take the report cards off the fridge. You need to de-personalize your home. It will feel strange to take these items down, but you want a potential buyer to envision their life in the home, not yours.



That pile of bills in the office and the stack of unread magazines need to go. Go through each room and clear out any clutter. Your home should be simple and clean. Fill up some boxes and ask a neighbor to store them for you. Shifting clutter into a closet defeats the purpose. Closet space is a big selling point for a buyer, so you don’t want to fill them up with junk. It’s best to pack up your excess stuff and get it out of the house. Some homeowners rent a storage unit while their home is on the market, just to keep the clutter to a minimum.


Avoid bold colors

A coat of fresh paint goes a long way. If you’re thinking about painting a room, be sure to pick a neutral color. Remember, you’re not selecting a color that matches your personal preferences; you’re picking a color that someone else will find pleasing. The most crowd-pleasing colors are neutral. Go for a light tan color or a pale grey. Skip the bold colors; they tend to be a turn off.


Scrub it down

Give your home a deep cleaning. Get the dust behind the television, clean the scuffmarks off the walls and scour your bathroom. Don’t forget to straighten up the garage and the shed. You want your home organized and sparkling clean when a potential buyer scopes it out. If you’re a pet owner, consider shampooing the carpets to ensure pet odors aren’t trapped in the carpet.


Ask for feedback

Once you’ve got your home staged and ready, ask a friend or a realtor to take a look at the finished product. You want their honest opinion, so don’t get upset if they make a suggestion you don’t like. Realtors are a great source of information. From corporate realtors like Century 21 to small boutique realtors like Avenue Realty, advice from a realtor is essential. Your realtor will offer additional changes to make your home sell quicker.


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