DIY Tuck-Away Train Table for Tykes

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Thomas the Tank Engine and his buddies have taken over my home. They have actually been residents of my living room floor for several years. The obsession started with my daughter, and the torch has been passed to my son. Several times a day, I curse those cheeky tank engines as I trip over them.

The constant train mess is really starting to bust my buffers. Sure, I've thought about a train table. But let's be honest; they are kind of an eyesore. Having a train table out in plain view all the time is really not that much better than a scattering of trains all over the floor. I thought all hope was lost … until I came across the hideaway train hangout.

The original idea came from Carla over at Small + Friendly. Always looking for space-saving ideas, Carla came up with a plan to make her train table hideable. In other words: She took the legs off the table, added wheels instead, and made the new trainscape the perfect size to wheel underneath her son's bed when not in use. Pretty genius, if you're asking this mom.

Recently, Natalie Hewitt wrote about her own train table. Just like Carla's, her table has wheels and felt landscaping to really give that Island of Sodor look. Natalie said her table cost $12. As I look at a toppled-over Percy and James in the middle of my floor, just begging for me to trip over them, this table sounds like a heck of a deal. Think I just found my weekend project.


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