Do This for Better Sex Tonight!

Amazing discovery that I re-made recently. My husband and I have a code. If I say, “What’s your favorite color tonight?” He knows I am asking him what lingerie he wants to see. Of course, I can pick my own, but it’s a fun way for me to get him involved in some mental foreplay.

So, the other day, I asked him the question and a few minutes later was looking at myself in the mirror wearing something blue. I caught a glimpse of myself from a certain angle and though, “Oi, I know a plastic surgeon could make these thighs perfect.” I immediately felt bad and really didn’t want to do what I was dressed for. But I stopped myself, turned another way in the mirror and thought I looked pretty dang good. I also realized that I was wearing something that I bought when I was 24. Not squeezing into it, but wearing it well.

For better sex tonight, STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK and let out the inner goddess. If you, like me, are working on those last 10 pounds, don’t worry about it minutes before getting naked. Congratulate yourself on what you are doing to get you to the goal and focus on the upcoming activity! If you wish your boobs were a little bigger, find an amazing push up, an aspect of your body that you love, and focus on that.

I love my chest. There, I said it. Since puberty, I’ve always been what some call “well-endowed.” I was once hypnotized at a comedy club on a first date. The hypnotist painted a scenario of attack and told us to cover our favorite parts of our body. Pretty sure I was on the only one on stage who immediately covered my rack. Awkward, but the girls have yet to let me down. I’ve always been busty and they have survived, nay, thrived after two kids.

So, when I start the negative self talk, I re-assess and think, “people pay money to have a chest like that.” There you go. I have friends who have beautiful eyes, gorgeous bodies, or who have paid money to have an amazing chest. Whatever you love, it’s time to flaunt it in the bedroom. Your partner will love your confidence and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time.


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